God’s Grace

Thoughts on my son Peter:

Papa, Peter, JohnPapa, Peter, John
My Peter baby

Peter Grad
​Peter the high school grad

Peter Meth
​Mugshot of Peter, the lost soul/meth-head. Peter was sentenced to six years in prison for a burglary in which a man died. The first answer to prayer. He could have been charged with homicide. He served four years. God was good, and he was able to attend a Chuck Colson school while in prison.

Peter and Jenna
​Peter the returned prodigal – with his Jenna – a Godly woman

Peter Jenna
​Peter & Jenna, married 18 April

​Peter & Jenna – new house. Peter, almost single-handedly, has increased the income of the computer business where he works 500% in the last two years.

I never would have expected this, six or seven years ago. God is Good. God is Faithful – and he answers prayer – beyond what we believe possible.

One thought on “God’s Grace

  1. Carl: What a wonderful outcome. God certainly intervened in your baby’s life. I have a similar story in my family and I am so thankful – my prayers were answered too! –Debbi

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