Wolves on Nina Moose

White Wolf

I should write this down. It happened a long time ago, but I will do my best to remember the details.

I was about 17, and it was about 1969. With David Seversen and Tom Trynon, I went skiing on the border lakes. It was a more wild place then – than it is today. Tom had discovered a trail on an old map to a deserted ranger cabin half way between Nina Moose River and Little Indian Sioux River, north off the Echo Trail. It was deep winter, and while not spectacularly cold, there was plenty of snow.

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Timber Wolves

wolf eyes

On a very dark night, night before last, using my headlamp, I went out to the woodshed to carry some firewood over to the sauna. As I exited the woodshed. I became aware of something to the northeast of me, about 30 to 40 feet away. At first glance, I thought it was deer. We’ve had a lot of them around this winter, kicking up the snow beneath the apple tree, looking for fallen apples.

Within a split second it registered that deer eyes shine green in the dark, while these were amber.


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A Couple Of Bear Stories

Black Bear

Tom Kemmett’s bear post got me thinking of bear. I’ve had little contact with brown bear – though I did shoot one with an old 8 mm Mauser in the 1970s that had got in the chickens up in Alaska. I was better armed than my room mate who’d come armed with a broom. Thought it was a dog, in the dark – until it stood up – and up – and up. Figured there were more bear than chickens in our part of Alaska. I could have kept the bear if I’d paid for a license, but I was … Read more…

Florida, March 2014


It’s been a long winter in NE Minnesota. for the last decade or so, our winters have been mild. This year we paid for it. Snow and cold were prevalent and unrelenting.

Old friends, Steve and Rosie Forsyth, have been after us for a couple of years to come visit them in Florida. I’ve never really had much interest in Florida, and though we made plans a couple of times, we allowed day to day crisis to de-rail these plans.

Finally, though we didn’t really feel like we could afford it – off we went to Florida.

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Deer From The Kitchen Window

16 Mar, 2014 Deer from Kitchen Window

It’s been a long winter. Nothing new there – everyone knows it. The deer are especially hard hit by the heavy snows and prolonged cold temps. This on top of last spring’s late snows – which killed many of the herd’s younger deer – is especially damaging to the deer herd. Where many fawns were present locally, over the last decade, few were to be seen last summer.

In NE Minnesota – the wolves can often stay on top of the snow crust – while deer, with their smaller cloven hoofs – most often sink through.

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Clifford and the Bears

images (1)

Once or twice a year, we would go with my grandfather, Jack Morris, along with my Morris uncles and cousins, on a fishing trip. One year, probably about 1966, we went up to Clearwater West, out of Atikokan, Ontario. We crossed Clearwater West, and by a series of portages, ended up in Grey Trout. We set up camp and caught the usual “tons of fish.”

Back at the campsite, we kids went exploring. Down the lake a ways, to the north, there was an old trapper’s shack, and we went down there and looked around. I happened to look up … Read more…