Life With Father

Life with Father:

My wife has always had a healthy respect for my father – as one should have for someone who has always been there for us through every house building and house renovation we’ve ever been through – not with cash, so much – but with sheer hard physical labor and great skill.

There are many things about my father – My wife doesn’t understand. I believe a lot about understanding my father requires some knowledge of where he came from – the farm – and the time period in which he was raised – the great depression.… Read more…

God’s Grace

Papa, Peter, John

Thoughts on my son Peter:

My Peter baby

​Peter the high school grad

​Mugshot of Peter, the lost soul/meth-head. Peter was sentenced to six years in prison for a burglary in which a man died. The first answer to prayer. He could have been charged with homicide. He served four years. God was good, and he was able to attend a Chuck Colson school while in prison.

​Peter the returned prodigal – with his Jenna – a Godly woman

​Peter & Jenna, married 18 April

​Peter & Jenna – new house. Peter, almost single-handedly, has increased the income of the … Read more…

Mother’s Day



In 1933, June Kirby, my mother-in-law, lost her father – drowned in a duck-hunting accident. June’s mother went from being a house-wife in her own home to having to board the children on their grandparent’s farm, back up in the woods, and scrubbing floors for wealthy people in the city – only seeing her children on weekends. June, only ten years old, memorized this prayer and prayed it every night for her mother:

“Dear Father, Keep my mother in the stillness of the night. And let her sleep refreshingly until the morning’s light. Please help her as she … Read more…

Diana The Huntress

This is the story of the only cat I ever liked.

As children, my siblings and I had many pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, snakes, ducks, racoons, three deer (my parents put their foot down when we wanted to haul home a bear cub).

As an adult, I began to see why my parents weren’t that keen about pets. My kids had a few (including a ferret – smelliest, nastiest animal ever!).

Having pets requires a lot of work – and a large part of it falls on the parents. In spite of my children’s promises – my wife and … Read more…

Difference Of Opinion


I enjoy time spent with my wife. I most enjoy being together out in the yard, or out in the woods, or paddling rivers or lakes.

This time of year, especially with the winter we’ve had, togetherness consists of going to town, where we eat out, and I find something to do while she shops. We really can’t shop together! It’s the same old story: Men go to stores to buy something and leave. Women? I still don’t know why they go to stores, but it certainly isn’t to buy something and leave. At times, there is buying involved, but … Read more…

Family Members Descending from the Mayflower


John Howland boarded the MAYFLOWER in England in September, 1620, arrived in Provincetown Harbor, 21 November, 1620 and, although referred to as a man-servant of Governor Carver, he was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact in Plymouth Harbor on 21 December, 1620.

Within a few yearshe married Elizabeth Tilley, built a house on First Street and gradually as land was allotted to each family, he aquired four acres on Watson’s Hill, Plymouth and considerable acerage in Duxbury. 2 February, 1638 he purchased from John Jenny the property called Rocky Nook (Kingston). He served in the General Court of Plymouth … Read more…