Favorite Places


Far up in the woods, far away from here,
there is a trail, that wasn’t always there.
Grandfather would bring us, long long ago,
walking the trail, that wasn’t then there.
“Enter one way,” he said, “And leave by another -
and leave no trail to tred.”

Bright trout lived there, we’d catch a creel full
and bake them in the white ash of the fire,
long long ago

Seven lakes like seven jewels,
strung either side of a ridge;
a ridge filled with white cedars
and bronze colored cliffs.

A wonderous magic place
known only to a few
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ORIGIN: London
MIGRATION: 1634 on the Griffin (on 18 Sep 1634 John Winthrop reported “the Griffin and another ship now arriving with 200 passengers and 100 cattle (Mr. Lothrop and Mr Simmes, two godley ministers, coming on the same ship).”
REMOVES: Barnstable 1639
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: On 8 Jan 1634/5, John Lothrop was the eleventh among thirteen founding members admitted to Scituate church (entered in the record as “Myself”). When the Scituate church moved ot Barnstable in late 1639, John Lothrop remained as member and pastor, until his death in 1653.
FREEMAN: Admitted to Plymouth Colony … Read more…


JAMES MATTHEWS from “NEW ENGLAND: The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins”

ORIGIN: London
REMOVE: Yarmouth 1639

FREEMAN: In 1639 Yarmouth list of those who took the oath of fidelity. Propounded for freemanship 7 Sep 1642 and admitted 7 Mar 1643, and in consequence appended to 1639 Plymouth Colony list of freeman. In Yarmouth sections of 1658, 29 May 1670 and 1684 Plymouth Colony list of freeman.
EDUCATION: Signed his deed.
OFFICES: Deputy for Yarmouth to Plymouth General Court 20 Aug 1644 (absent). 8 Jun 1664 Plymouth Grand Jury, 1 Mar 1642, … Read more…

Diana The Huntress

This is the story of the only cat I ever liked.

As children, my siblings and I had many pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, snakes, ducks, racoons, three deer (my parents put their foot down when we wanted to haul home a bear cub).

As an adult, I began to see why my parents weren’t that keen about pets. My kids had a few (including a ferret – smelliest, nastiest animal ever!).

Having pets requires a lot of work – and a large part of it falls on the parents. In spite of my children’s promises – my wife and … Read more…