Of Parks

I enjoy doing family trees. The history involved can be very interesting. As one of my nephews has recently married, I decided to do her family tree. This young lady, we’ll call her “Faith (not her name, but close!),” grew up on a very large ranch in eastern Oklahoma. As it was a rural area, and her last hame was Parker, I looked for Parkers in the area. As I only had her parent’s names, making the connection to great-grandparents is always the toughest part.

A couple of hours research, and I had the only Parker family in the area … Read more…


I never thought I would be taking a look at Jamestown. Almost all of my ancestors are from the north and would more likely be on the Mayflower than the Susan Constant.

I especially didn’t think I would be looking at Jamestown while looking up the family tree of my nephew’s wife. She and my nephew got married last year – she’s a lovely Irish-American lass, kind of a sparkler, and very proud of her Irish heritage.


I’m sorry to say that, at one time, I had a somewhat poor opinion of the Irish – … Read more…