1929 Story of Andreas Langum, by his daughter, Deodette

Andreas Langum immigrated from Drammen Norway to America in the early 1850s. He ended up in Wisconsin, where he met his wife, Gurine Swenson. Gurine left Tylldal, Norway with her family in 1853, landing in Galveston, Texas. She went, with her older brother, to Wisconsin where she met Andreas. They married and homesteaded near Spring Valley, Minnesota. In later life, Andreas wrote an account of his life. It was fairly short, but somewhat humorous – in a Norwegian sort of a way. This longer account, while less humorous – has more detail, and is interesting not only for Andreas’ story, … Read more…

OVER THE SEA: Chapter 1 through 10



Being the partially fictional account of Zechariah Field – 10th Great Grandfather of Jackson, Ella, Rosa, and Sofia Eastvold

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The young English man standing at the ship’s rail, breathed in the pine scented air wafting out from the rapidly approaching shore. He’d never seen such wild looking country. The sand and gravel beaches were backed by deep forest; some areas pine, others, leafy deciduous trees, great oaks and chestnuts, both inviting in the sunlight, and forbidding when overcast. Occasional headlands and small islands showed a few rocky outcrops, but … Read more…