Growing up in the northwoods, there are many cabins stored in my memory. The “our cabin” on Vermilion, the Priesthouse, our shack at Dam Seven Flowage, my grandfather’s cabin in the same place – which preceded it (where my mother was born), the cabin at Big Noise – built of perfectly matched cedar logs, the “Cedar Chest” built palisade style, at Wilson Lake, and Cy Young’s cabin on Wilson, built by my great-great-grandfather.


Every log cabin builder settles on a style. Mine is pretty mundane. It used to be known as the saddle notch. Chinkless, with scribed notches, using … Read more…

Snow White – the Sleeping Beauty?


I watched a couple episodes of a show called “The Viking,” recently. The main character was named Ragnar Lodbrok. I thought the name sounded familiar, and a look at the Kluge/Ausvoll Redbook confirmed it. Yes, he’s an ancestor. 36th great-grandfather. That would be back a ways.

Sources vary quite a bit concerning Ragnar. If a quarter of what is written is true – there was a madness in the man. People speak of “the mists of time,” and it is an apt phrase when trying to get a look at Ragnar’s life. One source gives no less than six possibilities … Read more…