Global Warming?


“As the world warms, more moisture will likely evaporate into the atmosphere, resulting in heavier snowfalls at northern latitudes. Instead of shrinking, many Canadian ice patches are actually growing.”

Pu-leeese! Do you people make this up as you go along?

Though we’ve been hearing about it for years – I have done no in-depth research on “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” or whatever the chosen name is this week. Seriously, after this winter – who can believe the temperature is progressively going up? What little I do know about global temperatures – historically speaking – is that the Medieval Warm period … Read more…

Difference Of Opinion


I enjoy time spent with my wife. I most enjoy being together out in the yard, or out in the woods, or paddling rivers or lakes.

This time of year, especially with the winter we’ve had, togetherness consists of going to town, where we eat out, and I find something to do while she shops. We really can’t shop together! It’s the same old story: Men go to stores to buy something and leave. Women? I still don’t know why they go to stores, but it certainly isn’t to buy something and leave. At times, there is buying involved, but … Read more…

Deer From The Kitchen Window

16 Mar, 2014 Deer from Kitchen Window

It’s been a long winter. Nothing new there – everyone knows it. The deer are especially hard hit by the heavy snows and prolonged cold temps. This on top of last spring’s late snows – which killed many of the herd’s younger deer – is especially damaging to the deer herd. Where many fawns were present locally, over the last decade, few were to be seen last summer.

In NE Minnesota – the wolves can often stay on top of the snow crust – while deer, with their smaller cloven hoofs – most often sink through.

In such conditions, the … Read more…

The Confederate Connection

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The Swenson family left their home in Lillehogstad, Tynset, Norway, and came to America, arriving in Galeveston, Texas in 1851. The father, Bersvend Eriksen Hogstad, or Soreson, his wife, Kari Nilsdtr Søgård, four sons and two daughters remained in Texas, settling in Bosque County near Cranfill’s Gap, an area of Norwegian settlement.

The eldest son, Thor, went to Wisconsin, and was a union soldier in a Wisconsin regiment during the Civil War. At the same time, or slightly later, the eldest daughter, Gurine Swenson went to Wisconsin and stayed with her brother. She soon met Andreas Langum and they married … Read more…

Clifford and the Bears

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Once or twice a year, we would go with my grandfather, Jack Morris, along with my Morris uncles and cousins, on a fishing trip. One year, probably about 1966, we went up to Clearwater West, out of Atikokan, Ontario. We crossed Clearwater West, and by a series of portages, ended up in Grey Trout. We set up camp and caught the usual “tons of fish.”

Back at the campsite, we kids went exploring. Down the lake a ways, to the north, there was an old trapper’s shack, and we went down there and looked around. I happened to look up … Read more…