Family Members Descending from the Mayflower


John Howland boarded the MAYFLOWER in England in September, 1620, arrived in Provincetown Harbor, 21 November, 1620 and, although referred to as a man-servant of Governor Carver, he was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact in Plymouth Harbor on 21 December, 1620.

Within a few yearshe married Elizabeth Tilley, built a house on First Street and gradually as land was allotted to each family, he aquired four acres on Watson’s Hill, Plymouth and considerable acerage in Duxbury. 2 February, 1638 he purchased from John Jenny the property called Rocky Nook (Kingston). He served in the General Court of Plymouth … Read more…

What’s in a name?


The origin of any language is confusing. Norwegian, simply put, is a combination of old Norse – similar to what is spoken in Iceland, with many words borrowed from other places in Europe, but most of the input is from Sweden and Denmark – when they ruled Norway after the black death in 1350 AD, killed about half the population.

Norway has two languages: Bokmal, spoken by careful speakers and the upper class (if there is such a thing in a land of peasents) during the 1800s and before, and Nynorsk (new Norwegian – which is actually the older style … Read more…