I never thought I would be taking a look at Jamestown. Almost all of my ancestors are from the north and would more likely be on the Mayflower than the Susan Constant.

I especially didn’t think I would be looking at Jamestown while looking up the family tree of my nephew’s wife. She and my nephew got married last year – she’s a lovely Irish-American lass, kind of a sparkler, and very proud of her Irish heritage.


I’m sorry to say that, at one time, I had a somewhat poor opinion of the Irish – … Read more…

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day, 2014. Just thinking of our ancestors who were veterens, a few of which are listed below. I know these lists can be tedious for you, but it is a part of our American History.


Zechariah Field, 1596 – 1666.

Zechariah Field, my eighth great-grandfather, was one of 42 men from Hartford, Connecticut that served in the Pequot War, 1636

Thomas Leffingwell, mom’s 10th great-grandfather, paddled to the besieged village of Uncas of the Mohegans with supplies at age 15 or 16, relieving the siege.


Samuel Field, 1653 – 1697

Samuel Field … Read more…

The Morris Family, Chapter VI, The Matthews

Virginia Morris 1926-2009
John (Jack) Morris 1904-1989
John Wesley Morris 1869-1942
Daniel Morris 1819-1897
David Morris 1795-1844
Robert Morris 1774-1819 – married Charity Matthews in 1792

Charity Matthews was born 31 Dec, 1778 at Shaftsbury, Bennington County, Vermont. She was born in “The Red House,” on present day Route #67 between Hooskick Falls, NY and Bennington, VT. In 1792 she married Robert Morris. Charity was the first of children born to David and Lucy (Fay) Matthews. Her father was a successful farmer, with tenent farmers working his land. In the 1790s, with the death of Charity’s grandfather, and the inheritance … Read more…

The Morris Family, Chapter V, The Hoyts

On 18 February, 1753, my 4th great grandmother, Keturah Hoyt, was born to Jonathan Hoyt Jr and Experience Childs Hoyt in a portion of Deerfield, Massachusetts known as “Cheapside.”

Cheapside is about 2.5 miles north of Deerfield proper on the north side of the Deerfield River (which takes a bend – traveling east and west as it nears the Connecticut River – rather than traveling north and south – as it does by Deerfield).

We know very little about Keturah’s life. Keturah’s father probably farmed at Cheapside, though he is also listed as a Tavern Keeper. As his brother, David … Read more…

Morris Family Chapter IV Vermont

John Morris, Green Mountain

Thomas Morris(?) 1714-? married Jane
(son?)Unknown Morris married Leah Naphiens 1749-1801
(son) Robert Morris 1774-1819 married Charity Matthews

James Matthews 1719-1790 marries Mary Miller
(son) David Matthews (father of Charity Matthews) 1747-1811 marries Lucy Fay

(father of Lucy) Benjamin Fay 1712-1777 married Martha Miles
(brother of Benjamin) Stephen Fay 1715-1781 married Ruth Childs


Many Twists and Turns:

This part of the family tree is quite confusing. We are reduced to educated (or wild) guesses. I will lay out what I know – or surmise.

What we know with some certainty of the Morris line effectively … Read more…

Morris Family, Chapter III Fields

John (the Astronomer) Field 1525-1589 married Jane Amyas
(son) John Field 1568-? married Unknown
(son) Zechariah Field 1596-1666 married Mary Stanley
(son) Samuel Field 1653-1697 married Sarah Gilbert
(son) Samuel Field 1678-1756 married Mary Hoyt Edwards
(son) David Field 1712-1784 married Thankful Taylor
(son) Oliver Field 1753-1821 married Keturah Hoyt
(daughter) Experience Field 1792-? married David Morris

The Field family, ancestors of today’s Morris family, can be traced with some certainty to the 1200s, and is said to descend from one of William the Conqueror’s knights and even further to an area in Alsace, France.


Starting about the … Read more…

Morris Family, Chapter II, David Morris, Daniel Morris, and Samuel Girard

David Morris 1795-1819 married Experience Field, 1792-1825
(son) Daniel Morris 1819-1897 married Esther Louis Girard 1834-1819

Esther Louis Girard’s father was:

Samuel Girard 1816-1889 married Esther Davis 1818-1902

DAVID MORRIS was born 16 Nov, 1795 in Shaftsbury, Vermont. He moved, probably about 1811, to Truxton, Cortland County, New York, with his parents, Robert Morris and Charity Matthews Morris – when his father farmed land originally belonging to his maternal grandfather, David Matthews. This may have been land granted from the state of New York for David Matthew’s service in the Revolutionary War.

David Morris married Experience Field in 1813 in … Read more…

Morris Family

“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. ”
― Michael Crichton

When I was a child, my mother told me stories of the Morris family – who lived in the forest, hunted for their food – and they sounded very like the stories I read of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.

My grandfather, Jack Morris – who’d grown up in the forest – expanded on these tales.

And yet – we knew very little about the Morris family beyond my grandfather’s father, John Wesley … Read more…

1929 Story of Andreas Langum, by his daughter, Deodette

Andreas Langum immigrated from Drammen Norway to America in the early 1850s. He ended up in Wisconsin, where he met his wife, Gurine Swenson. Gurine left Tylldal, Norway with her family in 1853, landing in Galveston, Texas. She went, with her older brother, to Wisconsin where she met Andreas. They married and homesteaded near Spring Valley, Minnesota. In later life, Andreas wrote an account of his life. It was fairly short, but somewhat humorous – in a Norwegian sort of a way. This longer account, while less humorous – has more detail, and is interesting not only for Andreas’ story, … Read more…

OVER THE SEA: Chapter 1 through 10



Being the partially fictional account of Zechariah Field – 10th Great Grandfather of Jackson, Ella, Rosa, and Sofia Eastvold

Copyright © 2014 Carl Eastvold



The English man standing at the ship’s rail, breathed in the pine scented air wafting out from the rapidly approaching shore. He’d never seen such wild looking country. The sand and gravel beaches were backed by deep forest; some areas pine, others, leafy deciduous, great oaks and chestnuts, both inviting in the sunlight, and forbidding when overcast. Occasional headlands and small islands showed a few rocky outcrops, but there were … Read more…