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Life With Father

Life with Father:

My wife has always had a healthy respect for my father – as one should have for someone who has always been there for us through every house building and house renovation we’ve ever been through – not with cash, so much – but with sheer hard physical labor and great skill.

There are many things about my father – My wife doesn’t understand. I believe a lot about understanding my father requires some knowledge of where he came from – the farm – and the time period in which he was raised – the great depression.… Read more…

Just Got In The Door

Just got in the door – spent the day north in my home country – the Saw-Tooth Range. It’s sad when you don’t feel at home when you are home.

I went with a friend from church, Darryl. I brought an extra Duluth Pack for him. I’ve known Darryl for some years and he enjoys the outdoors, and practises great wisdom, but he is from the prairie so often asks questions about things I take for granted. Once, while standing in a cluster of hazel-brush – he began asking me about harvesting hazel nuts and what the hazel nut bushes … Read more…

Autobiography of Andreas Langum

Andreas Langum is my great-great-grandfather

Note: There has recently come into our possession an autobiography, translated from the original – which was written in Norwegian – and reads more like a story than the actual experiences of a human being. Could we reproduce it without names we would do so, not that we are not proud of our deceased grandfather, but due to the fact that it was never intended for publication. We cannot refrain from publishing at least a part, however, so that some of the present generation (who may be disposed to complain over imaginary hardships) may see … Read more…

Night Watch

For many years I worked night shift as a peace officer in a rural jurisdiction. Sometimes it was scary and exciting. Much more often, it was quiet and boring.

Your mind wanders and you think deep and varied thoughts.  I often wondered what I was doing out there – while most other people were home sleeping. I began to envision myself, like my medieval counterparts, as “the watchman on the wall.”

I mentioned this, at one point, to my children. One of them said it was like the game of thrones. I had no idea what he was talking about, … Read more…

Emmy Pond

Native Girl

This is not true. It is a story.  Similar situations may have occurred in real life, and some of the characteristics of the principles in the story may be an amalgamation of real people, but any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is about the Sioux girl, Emmy Pond


WHERE I COME FROM: Grandma Artichone hated the Sioux. Pretty non-P.C. in this day and age when all tribes unite in despising the white man.

Grandma Artichone was a wild old woman – probably the last traditional Ojibwe in our family tree.  She was the … Read more…

Back to work

Van, Northern Access

Duluth is a strange old town. For most Minnesotans, Minneapolis/St. Paul are “the cities.” In NE Minnesota, “the city” is Duluth. The difference between NE Minnesota and the rest of the state is quite noticeable. While most of Minnesota has a rural farm-based origin, it is hard to even grow hay in NE Minnesota, and many of the late 19th century immigrants to this part of the state ended up working for large companies, logging, railroads, and in the iron ore mines. The oulook and politics of their descendents reflects this. Unions are strong, and Gust Hall, long time president … Read more…

Tudor Connection

Henry VIII

A little morning jaunt through history:

​A young King Henry VIII

Your 10th great grandfather, John Alexander Harrington, married Ethelreda Dingley Malte, illigitimate daughter of King Henry VIII.

​Ethelreda Dingley Malte

Not all historians believe Ethelreda was the daughter of King Henry VIII, but other explanations for the honors, riches and lands bestowed on the daughter of a poor laundress, ring hollow.

Through her, in some respect, you are related to all the Tudor Kings. You are also directly descended from all the Plantagenet kings of England, including William the Conquorer, and through direct descent from King Alfred the Great, … Read more…

God’s Grace

Papa, Peter, John

Thoughts on my son Peter:

My Peter baby

​Peter the high school grad

​Mugshot of Peter, the lost soul/meth-head. Peter was sentenced to six years in prison for a burglary in which a man died. The first answer to prayer. He could have been charged with homicide. He served four years. God was good, and he was able to attend a Chuck Colson school while in prison.

​Peter the returned prodigal – with his Jenna – a Godly woman

​Peter & Jenna, married 18 April

​Peter & Jenna – new house. Peter, almost single-handedly, has increased the income of the … Read more…

Mother’s Day



In 1933, June Kirby, my mother-in-law, lost her father – drowned in a duck-hunting accident. June’s mother went from being a house-wife in her own home to having to board the children on their grandparent’s farm, back up in the woods, and scrubbing floors for wealthy people in the city – only seeing her children on weekends. June, only ten years old, memorized this prayer and prayed it every night for her mother:

“Dear Father, Keep my mother in the stillness of the night. And let her sleep refreshingly until the morning’s light. Please help her as she … Read more…